Snooze through your Crown, Veneer, Root Canal, or Extraction appt at Dr. Robs' office where time just flies by
Dr. Robert Fischer DDS
Kissimmee, Florida
Anxiety Free Dentistry
                              Oral Sedation
    Eliminate the Fear Factor so you can smile again. Now you can get the dentistry you need without
the anxiety many people associate with dental treatment. Anxiety Free Dentisty is as easy as taking a
pill. You'll feel drowsy and won't be aware of time passing. Extensive dental treatment can be
accomplished at one time, and you won't even remember the appointment. So, if you need Empress
Crowns, Cerinate veneers, Implants, Extractions, Partials or Complete dentures, it will all seem
simple with sedation dentistry. Dr. Fischer is a member of the
American Dental Society of
and is trained for safe and effective use of Oral and IV Sedation in-office.

Nitrous Inhalation Sedation
   We no longer offer inhalation sedation. Commonly called laughing gas which is Nitrous Oxide. The
use of Nitrous Oxide in our practice just doesn't give the results as Oral Sedation does.  We have
found that the highest percentage of patients are pleased with Oral Sedation, and the least number
were happy with Nitrous Oxide....
it just left too many people wanting more and then had to return
for Oral Sedation..

   Dr. Fischer is dedicated to having  a Clean, Caring, Safe, Respectable, environment for his
patients. He  
listens to the patient, talks with the patient, is caring  and is available to help nice
people like you. He uses updated techniques such as digital x-rays and intra
oral pictures.
We have the most updated sterilization techniques, to give the most sterile instruments possible.

   Call today for more information or to schedule a free helpful consultation with Dr. Fischer to
discuss your concerns and the benefits of Oral or IV Conscious Sedation. We are just minutes from
south Orlando.
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